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Box bag drama… February 8, 2009

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Ok, so someone showed up at knit club with one of these bags, in an adorable sheep fabric.  The first thing out of my mouth was how I could make one of those….not only did I say it, but I meant it.  I loved that bag.  I suppose I could have ordered one, but let’s face it, I like my money a lot and I have a sewing room full of stuff that wants to be used!

So I hit the sewing room asap, and generated prototype number 1.

box bag attempt 1.

box bag attempt 1

So attempt one was wonky, but you have to remember I was working off of a 2-3 minute inspection of the bag and some dodgy ideas about how it might be constructed.  Still cute, tinier than I anticipated, but it will hold a sock in progress.

At this point in time I was pretty sure I was going to have to do some math, and for some reason most of the math was hitting me at about 4:00 am this morning. Eventually I gave up, wrote it all down and went back to sleep.

I thought I could live with this, but it turns out, I couldn’t.  I was compelled to go back to the sewing room… (the new awesome upstairs one that I haven;t told y’all about yet!)  There I decided to check my 4:00 am math – because if ANY math needs to be checked it is 4:00 am math – by sewing a cheesy muslin prototype.

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

This bad boy was more a way to check out my thought process and see if I could improve on my prior wonky version.  While making this one I got the genius idea to add a zipper pocket to the inside of the final version for notions.  It did at least confirm that my 4:00 am math was on track.

So, after all that, a final happy bag….

Final Happy Bag!

Final Happy Bag!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

An a sock in progress inside..

An a sock in progress inside..

The sock in the bag (with heel!)

The sock in the bag (with heel!)


Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine & the awesome mail day…. July 26, 2008

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SO once upon a time, Miss Lyda of the pollyanna’s made a scarf.  A scarf is just a scarf unless it is a tool of evil knitterly assimilation.  This scarf was such a tool, and the knitterborg  chuckled to itself.  When Lyda needed a name for her scarf…we were happy to oblige.  Happily the scarf did get its name, and we in turn got stuff.

See here the quilting coolness that is miss Lyda…


Thanks Lyda!! The bag is awesome, and I LOVE the colors!!!!!

I especially love how the sunflowers are cut to show off the flower…you do truly rock!






Quiltin’….. July 14, 2008

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OK, so I can sew. I don’t sew as often as I would like.  That said it seems I have NO problems picking up misc. fabric bits for no particular purpose.  While in Kansas I visited a couple of quilt shops, but the one that stole my heart was Around the Block Quilts.  I could really gush about that shop, only it is closing, the owner is relocating to another state.  Parson’s has truly lost a little treasure.  Check out the on-line shop though as she will still be there at least 🙂

Anyhoo, the knitmare on elm street fabric I purchased earlier on-line needed a complimentary solid to act as a nice bright lining for my future knit bag….so I managed to find a few yards of aqua there…

Also purchased on a whim, an oriental/retro inspired pink print, and goldfish!  The goldfish are especially wonderful as they have little names by them each…like bubbles or fred 🙂

As usual I have no idea what these will grow up to be, but the smart bet is on some kind of bag.

I have spent a good portion of my evenings watering lately, seeing as how mother nature is totally behind the curve on rain lately.  It only pretends it is going to rain, and it only does that when I make outdoor plans.  Despite all her laziness though, the garden is growing…..
100_2279   100_2270

Tomatoes are set on, and working on being ripe, I will have at least one zucchini for dinner Wednesday night, we had beans from the garden on Saturday, and it is finally the season when all of the garden work pays off a little 🙂

I have been knitting but don’t have any pictures yet, but don’t get too excited, I think I just moved from cloths to towels.  Really I have got to knit something not square someday soon….


The Quilts…(Picture heavy!) June 27, 2008

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Ok, so I mentioned while at the family reunion I might have ended up with a couple of quilts…..

The first was loving hand quilted by my Grandmother. 


I looked at grandma’s quilts last weekend, and it struck me how much she was able to do with so little.  Having visited a couple quilt stores myself over the weekend, and fussing over each and every bolt of beauty I encountered, it is really odd to think that Grandma’s works of art were created with her scraps and with worn out clothing.  No shop hops to find the right hue, the right shade, the right print.  just using what she had.  I really love everything about this quilt, but couldn’t help picking a favorite square or two…

Oranges and Greens oranges and blues

Now clearly I am already giddy, but this put me over the moon…this is GREAT- Grandma’s quilt.  I am one of the lucky few in my generation to have clear memories of my Great Grandma.  I love this quilt for so many reasons.  I love the vintage fabric, I love the pale but bright color prints…

Great Grandma Quilt  What I love most though is that this quilt was USED…. there were a few squares that at my first look over made me do a double take…

Pathces patches 2

The bright squares?  They are patches!! Where the quilt was worn or torn it was patched with other quilt squares….

blue and white patch

This quilt is entirely done by hand, pieced, quilted and bound…. some of it is a little shaggy, so I am planning on doing some of my own repairs.  When I first got it I was unsure about that, it seemed like I would be messing with an heirloom, but now I can see that it is fully in the spirit of the quilt to have a few repairs.  I don’t have a room where I can just spread this out and feel safe about it, so it will soon be on a quilt rack on the wall.  Until then I get to ponder how I can show all of it that I want to.

And finally, I also got this….

lap blanket My suspicion is that it was a bit of “stashbusting” but I do remember this being thrown over the back of Great Grandma’s chair….This I actually feel safe using… it is most likely standard old red heart 🙂 but I know it would wash ok and it is a great lap blanket size. 

After taking pictures tonight, and thinking on how lucky I am to have handmade things from so many of the women that I love (I have baby quilts, blankets and clothes from my mother as well, and DH has an afghan his mother crocheted).  I wonder if I didn’t have such examples around me if I would think of crafting the way I do…I wonder if I would craft…. and I am extra thankful to have such a history of talented women.


How to Pouch…. January 19, 2008

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As promised, you want fast easy pouches…you got it.   I have made a few small ones for sock projects, but the same concept can easily be applied to make one any size you need…..

I have made a few different kinds of these, some with square bottoms and other kinds of heavy construction but found these to be easier and a touch more versatile.

You will need:

Two coordinating fat quarters (or one if you want the lining and the outside of the pouch the same), scissors, a sewing machine (you can hand sew if you are veeerrrryyyy patient) some method to mark your fabric (chalk or fabric pens) a large safety pin, and some ribbon or cord to use as the drawstring.  If you like you can get one of those fancy cord grippers to keep it closed, but I usually just slip knot mine. 

Personally I have a little stash of fat quarters.  I think fat quarters are about the cutest things ever, especially if they come in matched sets tied with ribbons or string….I habitually purchase ANY fat quarter bundles I find on clearance, and I keep them in a little basket, and use them whenever misc. ideas jump into my head…..

fat quarters

Grab two coordinating prints that make you happy…… Really, you can just use one, but then your lining and the outside will be the same!!!


Which leads us to our next step, press those fabrics into submission (relative squareness, this helps A LOT… trust me, just do it. ) Now cut them in half… you should get two approximately 11″ x 18″ pieces from each fabric.

halve it

Fold each piece in half RIGHT sides in, so that you have an 11″ x 9″ rectangle.  Sew UP from the fold on the bottom to the top edge on both sides, leaving at least 1/4″ seam allowance, you can leave more if you like (or if you lazily leave the selvage edge on).  I always sew up from the bottom, if the top turns out uneven, you can trim it, but if you sew down, and the bottom fold is uneven…wonkiness sides

When done you should have two like this….

two sides

Here is where it gets fun!  Turn the outside fabric right-side out, and place the outer pouch INTO the liner pouch, essentially you should have a little bag with the right sides together on the inside, and the wrong-sides facing you….

insides in

Give the two together a happy little shot of steam or even a good press, and lay it out in front of a ruler.

mark it

From the top, mark 1 & 1/2″ (you will be sewing across this line….) now find the top center and mark off one inch each side from the top center.  You will sew across the horizontal line all around the top of the bag EXCEPT for the two inch area marked off by the vertical lines.

sew top

Sew all the way around the top perimeter of the bag starting from the outer mark, and stopping at the inner mark.

with gap

Now is a really good time to trim all those loose thread ends, as it is your last chance.  Dark floater threads can often be seen through a light colored liner. If you think they won’t show feel free to ignore them 🙂  Using the little two inch hole at the top turn the whole mess inside out…..

inside out You can now tuck the lining fabric into the outer fabric, finally things will start looking right at least 🙂

Once again hit the iron, a good pressing can make even rubbish look fairly good at this point, so go for it….

press again

Now sew around the top again, all the way this time, with a 1″ seam allowance (this catches all the extra edge folded inside before and makes a brilliant drawstring tube!)

sew drawstring tube

All that’s left to do is thread through the cord, use your safety pin like a giant blunt needle, pull the cord through the top drawstring channel….

 drawstring tube

Make sure the cord will be as long as you like, then knot the ends together, I usually pull the knot through to the back side of the drawstring channel so it cant be seen, and I like to tack it in place so it doesn’t move either…

tack drawstring

And voila: finished pouch fit for a sock!

pouch with yarn