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Oh crappy morning…… July 31, 2006

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You know you are having one of those days when….
You try to turn on your car, and it is dead……like dead dead. No noise, no nothing.  Dead.  So I blame the kids, they were after all the last ones in the car, and MUST have left something on.  SO after some extensive car manual reading, the shift had been overidden the car jump started and I was on my way to work. 
I got about 3 miles on the highway…..and Thhhhpppptttt….everything in the car goes nuts and she dies.  For those not in the know this would be a sign that your alternator had just died. 
Anyone ever stranded on the side of a highway between a guardrail and a lane without about an inch to each side of spare space, knows this is NOT a good way to start ones morning.     
For once though, luck was on my side… father rescued me, we got my car to a village inn parking lot and soon it was headed to the shop…which is good because of the warranty, but bad becasue I have to have the timing belt changed and the 60,000 mile service (OUCH!)
Anyway, I suspect by tomorrow the happy hyundai will be on the road again….I will be poor for a couple of months, but I guess worse things have happened.  At least I already bought the yarn for my next project 🙂
Also I didn’t blame thid kids IN FRONT of the kids, so I don;t have to tell them I am sorry :-P.
Maybe I will post a finished object later, I have one, but I am too pissy to blog about it.