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Things learned at the golf course…. June 24, 2011

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OK I do not golf. But I do man the hole at golf tournaments for marketing sometimes. Today I learned some important stuff.

1. butt crack sweat is the worst kind of sweat.

2. boob sweat is the second worst.

3. no matter how hard you try, you will miss a critical spot with the sunscreen.

4. I do not really understand golf.  Also golfers think that is kind of odd.

5. The part after the golf stuff where you ride around on the carts with the cute caddies who take all your marketing stuff to your car is just fine 🙂

 6. If I were single I would totally play golf.  Did I mention the cute caddies?




Ahhh…calm….. June 22, 2011

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3 diamonds bag by mintlatte
3 diamonds bag, a photo by mintlatte on Flickr.

So I am sitting on my front porch watching the grass grow. Really. Actually I am watching the sprinklers, listening to the birds and enjoying the evening cool as it rolls in. The hubby and kids are just getting back from a walk….and I am just enjoying the calm.

I have been handed a bouquet of weeds by one kid, and a dirty foot bandaid from the other. Ah the joys of motherhood.

Work is wonderful again. Crazy busy, but oddly far less stressful than it had become. You never want someone to have so much power over you that they can make you miserable, and yet you find that stuck day to day with someone it wears down your resistance to miserable. Folks my resistance to miserable is pretty darn strong. I hope to never have to exercise my anti miserable that strongly again.

Miserable does have some good side effects though – I adopted a finish it now mentality with my crafting and didn’t take up too many long projects, so I do at least have some finished stuff. 
This was an impuls buy at a knitted peace – a free pattern with yarn purchase type thing I had to have. Basically a weekend knit. I plan to knit this one again….bigger. And maybe from wool instead of cotton, the cotton was darn hard on my hands, but worth it.

Hope you all are enjoying summer as much as I am 🙂


And then…… January 17, 2011

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So if you happened to get a notice about a whole bunch of new posts (and I hope you didn’t) the old MSN spaces worked with WordPress to give us a migration tool – so I decided to migrate all my old stuff.

In other news – the family is all still alive, I am still knitting, things are still crazy and I somehow wonder if there are really lights at the end of the tunnel or if it is a horrific joke played by unknown miscreants with flashlights. I am beginning to suspect the latter, but in case of the former the blog reserves the right to come back to life.


The blog has been playing dead…. March 12, 2010

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Or maybe that has been me. It is kind of hard to tell.

But – right now my life is starting to look a little sane. As in not quite as crazy as before. Before crazy was well and truly bat-crap-crazy. So now the insane just looks relatively sane.

Suicidal Tendencies had this to say about it “Who the hell you calling crazy? You wouldn’t know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch.”

Only he isn’t. Not on my front porch at least. That said methinks it might be time to truly consider some blog CPR. Hate to stand around and watch this baby choke on her tongue. Plus it seems it would be wise to brush up on my WordPress skills as they may actually come in handy for the job that pays the bills. And we all know that these days a job that pays the bills is nothing to be sneezed at. I will shake my fist at it and curse it during the off hours, but truly I am not sure that really makes me feel any better, rather I think it just gives me something to do.

For those expecting the crafty content – I have actually made a few things, but I have to fix my dis-functional picture storage system stop being too cheap to pay for my damn flick’r account.

That said – I think I will do my taxes this weekend and perhaps as a reward for that I will re-up the flick’r.

Back soon y’all – just like a blank billboard – keep watching this space.


Dance the night away… September 28, 2009

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Originally uploaded by mintlatte

So this weekend I sent my girl (left) to a Homecoming Dance.
How on earth can you stall father time? He is running and I would settle for a nice crawl.

She came home just before her coach turned into a pumpkin having enjoyed her time as the bell of the ball.

Mel – thanks for the dress. It was super cute on her.


Some are dripping with pearls…. September 6, 2009

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Me – I was dripping with teenage girls.  DD finally got her birthday party – and I beat a hasty retreat to my sewing room.

I am finally attending the yarn tasteing at Knitted Peace after wanting to go to one for a while and not being able to – that and just the general disarray of my needles had been forming thoughts in my head for some time.  I needed a way to keep track of my Options set so that I knew which points I had available.

There are times when I have something in mind and I sit down with random scrap fabric from my stash and just start cutting as sewing and ripping and experimenting until I get what I want.  This time I hit the jackpot – I got what I wanted on the first try.
DSCN0775 Looks pretty simple from the outside – but inside is where the goodness is…

The pockets around the outer edges hold 16 sets of needle tips!  (More if I double small sizes in pockets 🙂 Inside is enough room for all the other knit accessories I like to have handy – so finally I have a small accessory bag I can just throw in my knitting bag and run with.  Actual size is 8″ x 5.5″ x 2″.

This one is truly providence as I expected to go through at least a couple of iterations before I got what I wanted.  I didn’t even have a zipper on hand, and ended up using the zipper from one of those plastic bags sheets come in.  (reason I save so much worthless crap – someday I might need it – and I DID 🙂 So my zipper pull says “imex vinylpackaging”  LOL.

Perhaps there is something to be said for letting ideas permeate for some time – I am truly happy this worked the first time, but if things keep working the first time, I may never get to my “good” fabric 🙂


Crochet what… August 28, 2009

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Crazy scarf?

Embarrassing old lady shawl for a teenager?

Nope its a

snuggie for boy. Ever since he saw the infomercial he wanted one – size was no deterrent he had to have one.   So in celebration of the cheesetastic everywhere I presented him with a mom crocheted green snuggie. Told you it was bad.


Back to school night…. August 26, 2009

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The public schools system of torturing parents everywhere.  If we replaced waterboarding with repetitive back to school nights I am sure that we could get something out of those terrorists!

For all those parents who are thinking I am a wack job right now, let me ask what have you really ever gotten from going to back to school night? Usually for me it is just a heads up for which teachers my children are likely to hate. As of last year I am 100% dead on with girl – I can always tell who she will get along with.

Now Boy is in elementary school – so back to school night has a function – free ice cream 🙂 Also boy likes to meet his teacher ahead of time and in elementary school back to school night is BEFORE they start school.  With DD it falls after the start date so things are set in motion already, I am powerless to do anything but sit and listen to the teachers tell me their rules, usually things I have already read and signed – so why go? At least I have a pretty good idea of when the shit is gonna hit the fan.

For all those curious about the crafty side of mintlatte’s crafty space – soon my friends I shall be posting an object of unspeakable horror.  I have been watching infomercials with my son – and we discovered something he couldn’t live without.  A quick scan of internetville awakened me to the fact that there was a pattern for this item… I think it is probably the worst thing I have ever made – right behind this crazy flight of reason…


Wow. Just Wow… August 25, 2009

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Kacey Girl

My Kacey girl is 15 today.  She just started High School yesterday.  When I left her at the school I longed to cry – or just drag her back into my arms and take her home, where I could protect her from the world at large.   I didn’t do either.  I just said goodbye and watched her walk off into the school that is basically her second home now.

All I can do now is trust her.  And I do.  She is smart and self aware – and I think she might even listen to her mother sometimes – for this she deserves some major teen points.  It isn’t always easy to listen to your parents.  But still my heart flutters just thinking bout what lies ahead for her.  I look at her and I see big dreams, all of them within her grasp.  I just hope I have it in me to support a big dreamer.  Big dreamers can be squashed by doubt, there will be plenty of people in her life who will doubt her, so it is my job to believe in her.  Every day that I see her work her way through the world it gets easier and easier to believe.

Silly Kacey – Your mom loves you and thinks you are brilliant.  Happy Birthday 🙂


Been a long time since a ….. August 19, 2009

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Yeah. So no apologies here.  I am guiltless blogger, blogging only when I feel the need. Right about now I am feeling awful needy.  I can’t help but feel that things at the day job are not going so hot – and it is things that are far beyond my control.  None the less I am bucking up and doing what I always do which is whatever work throws my way 🙂

Despite the work situation other things in my life are becoming VERY clear.  My daughter has been possessed by a psycho teenager.  Let’s face it  – the most important thing in the world right now is HER – in fact the entire frickin’ universe revolves around the status of her hair.  Sans the flavor of the moment (blue.  I just finished dying her hair blue.) there was no way she was going to start school.  Seriously.  Her little world would have crashed around her over blue hair.

Now I do remember the frantic feeling of a bad hair day way back when.  When my awesome wall o’ bang cut with the fiercely hairsprayed side slick back just didn’t work.  Days when my perms were too frizzy (I find it hard to believe there was such a thing as too frizzy and yet my perms always were too damn frizzy).  These days the fact that my hair is intact on my head is enough, I would go to work with bed head most days and it wouldn’t matter one whit.  So I find myself far removed from what she is experiencing right now – and yet am trying so hard to be properly sympathetic without losing sight of all the things that are important.

I have spent a lot of time reading lately, and it seems I have discovered  a lost love.  I have buried myself in books as though I have been starved for them for some time.  Any books, even the crazy trashy beach reads are holding me like they were high literature. Which means no book reviews from me.  Seriously a guilty pleasure is just that  – guilty. I will say that I did read pride prejudice and zombies – and I completely understand the hype.  Freakin’ awesomely crazy good and true to the original in some very bizarre ways.

And with that I leave you to wonder just how bad my taste truly is.  One thing I know is this – at least my hair isn’t blue 🙂