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Foodies Unite….. February 16, 2009

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Ok, so there are lots of bloggers and some of them post pictures of all their gourmet cooking. Food in glorious photos that highlight the color, the texture, the beauty that the blogger has found deep within the food. Photos that highlight the blogger’s skill with foods, staged with lovely plates and table settings. I was pretty sure I would never be one of those people until I wandered into my kitchen and created this.


Note the reflection of the krispy wrap on the retro laminate table top,  the way the light plays on the subtle nutella waves, the sheen of a machined square krispy treat.

Foodies unite… just not in my kitchen.


The proverbial mirror…… November 16, 2008

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has been placed under my nose…..and folks….there is fog on it.

first things first…. Thanks Marin! I needed that.  (more on that later…)

What I been up to: (this post exceed standard acceptable length limits…you have been warned.)


Ok not that.  I am completely blocking that out today 🙂

There are these…..

Essentially created so that boy can slide in the hallway.  One of the cool things about my felted clogs is the slide factor, boy was envious of the slide factor.  These were made for sliding 🙂 Super fast super easy… the pattern is from the new Interweave Holiday Knits, which I am actually kind of Meh about, but I can never turn down a collection of relatively quick knits.  Cheap yarn from the stash 🙂

OK, then there are These 🙂

These are none other than the famous Pomotomus by Cookie A.

I am not exactly ignorant of the problem here which is that I chose a very busy yarn to knit a very busy pattern.  These took just shy of a year to finish.  When I made the first one, I was still lacking the ability to read my knitting.  So the second one languished for some time.   Finishing the second proved to be very liberating.  There are way fewer mistakes in the second sock than in the first and it was way easier, as the ability to spot a yo or a k2tog in a prev. row can really make this one easier –  in ways it won’t if you are relying on your ability to count. Not only that but I was able to follow the same pattern twice, with results so similar they actually appear to be a pair.  The fit is great, so despite the fug, I will be wearing these babies proudly.

All this knitting has happened in the last two weeks, which is also liberating.  For a while there I was kind of stalled on the knitting front. Stalled is not good.  Stalled is frustrating. I have half a hey teach that wouldn;t fit anyone to show for it.  It may merit a frogged post of its own, or it may languish in punishment until I figure out WTF I did wrong. (um…gauge anyone?)

Anyhoo…while stalled on the knitting and frustrated with the job, blogging took a distant back seat.  I was reading and keeping up….but just not writing anything myself.

Thankfully Marin decided to check this little corner of the blogiverse for signs of life.  So here I am breathing on the mirror…..

The item that was passed on to me is none other than the 7 weird things meme.  I have weirded myself out before, but still felt compelled to do so again.

1.  I love wind up toys.  I use any excuse possible to get little wind up toys for my kids.  Hoppers, flippers, rollers, I just find wind-ups incredibly amusing. My favorite is a Godzilla wind up that spits sparks.  I originally got it for my son, but then I never brought it home.  He lives at my desk and takes sparky walks at least once a week.

2. We know others have sleep issues.  I have less severe sleep issues, but mine are kind of rare.  I am a morning waker.  I can fall asleep as soon as I put my head on a pillow regardless of my surroundings.  I just wake up at 2 or three in the morning.  It is a 50/50 shot at going back to sleep.

3. No matter how hard I try to be neat it is impossible.  I often lunch in my car, just to get out of the office, and I have had to resort to keeping a kitchen towel in the car to use as a bib.  Food has the uncanny ability to highlight my breasts in the most embarrassing manner possible.  If what I am eating matches my clothes, I am highly unlikely to spill.  If I am wearing a white shirt and eating something with ketchup, the ketchup will land in nipple vicinity.  Every time.

4.  I have hair issues.  I never know what to do with it so I just let it grow. Right now I have hair past my shoulders, and I can’t remember when I last got my hair cut.  I do know the last time I went in they had purged me from their database.  I only get away with it because I have straight thick hair that tends towards the oily side.  My hair sucks for styling, but rocks at just growing out straight.  Plus since I am just growing it out straight, I usually don’t blow dry or style too much.   I guess it kind of works for me.

5.  I love magazines.  Actually I am somewhat saved in this since the library now lets you check out past issues.  it is not unlike me to check out several months of the same magazine.

6.  I read in streaks.  If I go through a reading phase I will read practically non stop, usually till early in the morning.  After 7-8 books my appetite is usually sated and I can move on for a while (about a week :-).  Oddly enough, I find reading almost as good a sleep during these times.  I know for a fact I can’t hang with the partiers anymore, (see No. 2) but for some reason I could read practically all night long and I don’t seem to be tired the next day.

7. I have a thing about the phone people.  I live to spite the phone people.  Qwest is practically my nemesis. It started a few years age when they told me the lines in my house were not suitable for DSL.  I would have to have the house rewired if I wanted that service.  I said no to rewiring.  Later that day I took the modem and kit I was supposed to send back, went outside and rewired my phone lines at my box, doing everything the way they told me not to. I then hooked up the modem, and DSL has worked seamlessly since.  Except when they come to do any work at my house, which is frequent because we have old overhead lines that go out all the time.  Each time they “fix” my box and I have to go out and rewire it.  They recently discontinued my old modem, and insisted on sending me a router modem combo that didn’t work with my set up. Despite their promise of no support, I forced the thing to work on my terms.  I would switch, but my general impression is that my experience is pretty par for the course, so I choose the entertainment value instead.

Anyway, here is where I am supposed to tag 7 others.  And here is where I revolt. I interact with the blogosphere is a slightly passive aggressive manner.  I don’t want to call anyone out….. that and as far as I can tell there aren’t too many blogs downhill from me to tag 🙂

If you have made it this far you totally deserve a medal.


Toe-may-toes… August 15, 2008

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About a week ago I was in despair. Utter and complete despair. There were moments where I could feel my taste-buds dying a slow death, deprived of their last wish… desperate to soothe them I would head to the garden only to see:
Notice how the color is all wrong… my garden was FULL of these, and since we live in Colorado I was afraid that tomato season would come and go without a hint of red. Finally on Monday night, I found this:
100_2354Which was shortly followed up by this: 100_2362

If that weren’t enough, there was this: 100_2355
And these:

Plus the abundance of peppers, in two different varieties, carrots, beans, peas, radishes….I think that hubby and I may finally be figuring out gardening in Colorado.

And if… by some chance you had tomatoes weeks ago, I don’t want to know about it.


If you are having a baby…. August 14, 2008

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It is probably best not to tell me.


I love freezer paper stenciling 🙂


Still not dead….. May 28, 2008

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just playing possum. 

I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post, in fact, I seem to be pushing two months…. the reasons are many and varied, but I have at least had the courtesy to knit a couple of things… 🙂

It has also been a pretty event filled two months.  DS had his last day of preschool yesterday…..hubby took a picture of him on his way out the door to school, and though there really isn’t anything special about the photo, there is just something about the meaning of it.  Thankfully his preschool isn’t into the “continuation ceremony” thing, they just had a nice field day, which seems like the proper way to round off a year.  Continuations are for parents, field days are about the kids 🙂

last day of preschool

DD is rounding off her school year this week, Thursday she had a pool party so we had to go swimsuit shopping.  How anyone can make a swimsuit that does not flatter a thirteen year old girl is beyond me, but there were lots of those.  After a long trying on session she finally settled on something that both DH and I agree can be worn in public, which I figure uses up all my luck for the year, so I won’t be playing the lottery.

Last week I got to spend a day at the spa, I didn’t think I was the type, but you know what?  I was wrong.  Everyone should spend at least one day of their life at the spa.  It was wonderfully relaxing and just plain nice.  I left calm, and relaxed and my skin felt great.   Five days later  I couldn’t tell you it had long term effects, but for the short term it was nice indeed. 

Work is still a touch on the hectic side.  I really long to go into a complete blent (blog vent) but I know in my heart of hearts that it is BAD to write things about work in a public place, so I just won’t do it, but you can bet your patooties if I could go into to it, it would make your brain bleed. 

AND FINALLY, the knitting (and maybe some sewing…)

pedicure socks

I finished a pair of pedicure socks, these are made with leftovers from my Clapotis, Patons classic merino….Mostly I made them because I am truly and deeply a Birkenstock girl.  Making the move to summer shoes here in Colorado can be difficult, it is downright chilly when I leave the house in the morning and riculuosly warm by the time I leave work in the evening, and depending on the fickle mood of the air conditioner at work, it ranges the extremes there, so I needed some socks to go with my flip flop style Birkenstocks. I am already looking to cast on a second pair, because these make it possible to wear my birkis and not freeze my feet.  Oddly enough I liken it to wrist warmer syndrome, even when my toes are hanging out they are still warmer with the socks……   


This little guy was knit for my niece who just turned one.  He is knit from plain old red heart classic, and considering that I have seen the abuse that can be doled out by a one year old, I am totally ok with the red heart 🙂 I hope that he gets lots of love, and like that even though the pattern says sheep, the FO says just about anything a one year old might want it to be….

OH and there was a little bit of sewing, DD had a birthday party, so I decided to make a gift, since all her friends seem to be into totes these days……

tote bag

She said her friend like geometric shapes and bright colors, and I really hope she does……

I was especially pleased with this one, as sewing for me is kind of a specialized thing, I can sew the heck out of any kind of bag you give me, I make GREAT bags.  Clothes…not so much.  My patience level in construction of bags is SO much better than if I am making anything else, and I don’t know why.  This one in particular I like because the bag, though simple, sized out exactly the way I wanted it to, hung at the length I wanted it to and just worked really well.. all with a self drafted pattern.  Even the details on this bag turned out pretty, the handles are even and the stitching looks good!  I really need to find a way to translate this to something other than bags, but at least I know that if I ever end up as a bag lady, I will have the best bags…….   





Lovely…thanks…. March 6, 2008

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I really think perhaps sarcasm doesn’t work in a title.  Read it again only sarcastically to make me feel better eh?

Thursday is just turning out to be an entirely uncooperative day.  Boy suffered the onset of nightmares last night, which brought him and a herd of stuffed animals crawling into my bed at ridiculous:30 am, fortunately he did decide to sleep after the moving process was complete.. so there is that. 

Walked outside this morning to a less than delightful burst of COLD, the kind of cold that freezes your nose hairs and makes you want to turn around and go right back to bed.  The sun is shining though, so I have hopes that it will warm up a *little*.

Anyway the only thing that really wants to make me whine today is the fact that I have been calling a bazillion people to get some work stuff finalized and NO ONE CALLS BACK, or they have to call 50 people to get answers… essentially I am thinking that if the day keeps on this way I will have worked my hiney off, all day long, and accomplished NOTHING.  I am shocked that anything EVER reaches construction stage without an architect or an engineer somewhere keeling over (having been poisoned by an architect or engineer, or possibly just the guy doing the estimate).  Anyway, since it is clear I will be spending the day on endless hold, I figured it was best to put the lovely hold music on speaker and share the love with the whole office 🙂

On a brighter note, I just got an email about a sale at a yarn store, close to work, but far away from home.. the sale starts today, and they open at lunch time.  So I plan on fully consoling myself over lunch.

If any yarn happens to jump into my hands, y’all will be the first to know 🙂


Mondays and sick kids….. February 25, 2008

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Well, it is Monday, boy was sick all weekend and is just now beginning to feel better….. I did read a couple of books this eekend, both were nice in their own way, but neither one worth writing a diatribe about especially when I am sure someone somewhere already has.  Maybe if I weren’t so tired myself I would have stronger feelings about that 🙂

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, basic juvenile fiction – it is good to read what the kids are reading sometimes. Also finally got a hold of T is for Trespass from Sue Grafton, the alphabet murders is still one of my favorite series.

Work is such a total drag I find myself fighting it right now, there are so many people in personal turmoil around me it is making me crazy.. divorces, kid stuff, you name it…. oddly enough the work environment I am in means I can not escape it, and normally I don’t mind being a group mom, but right now with so much else going on it is a bit much. 

The best news of the day is that today will be my final building allergy shot, so I will finally be at the highest dose, and can stop getting shots on a weekly basis and start getting them monthly!! It isn’t really the shot part that gets me, it is the co-payment, me and my budget will be WAY happier on one shot a month, I am even flirting with signing up for Weight Watchers again, but am wondering if I can pull that dough from my flex spending account……

 Despite my whining I am feeling pretty good, the weather is finally better, and that alone is such a spirit lifter….. I am already getting excited about a couple of projects and the creative juices are once again nudging there way into the front of my brain…… so until next time y’all 🙂


Long weeks….. February 21, 2008

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So it is Thursday and I swear, not much has gone right this week…. nothing tragic or anything like that, just a chain of small mixups.

One of my co-workers that I have worked with for like 4 years now is leaving for “greener pastures”… at least he hopes.  It is one of those big time career moves for him, so I know he is nervous…. the leaving really creates a LOT of changes in the dynamics of our group, so that has been exciting to say the least. 

I haven’t done ANY knitting AT ALL.  Really.  I mean I have cast on for like five different things, then ripped it off the needles and  rewound the yarn.  I am not sure what my deal is.  Maybe it is just a symptom of the wrongness of the week. 

I just got an email from the library saying that two books I have been waiting for are in, so I think I shall read and not knit over the weekend. With nice weather (so that the kids are running with the neighborhood tribe) I could probably knock out both  books, then maybe by Monday the right project will present itself….. I definately have my eye on lace patterns right now, although I really need to cast on a mindless knit for myself…..sigh.  The joy of indecision.


Snowplows…. February 5, 2008

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Plowed Road
This morning, I drove all the way to work in this. The funny thing is that I was assured by various radio personalities and c-dot spokespeople that all the main roads had been plowed. Now there is a slight chance that I never take a main road, or that I have misunderstood the word plowed. It may be that snow has a new double meaning, and I am just uninformed on the nuances of our language.
As of now my list of complete and total liars is as follows:
1. Weather people.
2. people who say the roads have been plowed.
3. Traffic reporters.

Oh and HAPPY SUPER TUESDAY everyone!!! If you don’t play now, you can’t gripe later 🙂


Over a week….. February 4, 2008

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Setting new records for absolute blog ignorance daily !!!!


I must get this out of my system or I will be unbearable.  I love Eli Manning and I am so glad the Giants won….I have ALWAYS said he was good, and that you really can not judge a quarterback right away, I believe good quarterbacks are born, great ones have experience….. I am willing to bet that while this may be his first, it won’t be his last.

 Ok, now that is done…. I can tell you MORE exciting stuff (of course if you define exciting differently than I do, I really don’t want to hear about it)! The Denver Creative Festival was this weekend… if you are unfamiliar, it is a venue where vendors booth up and sell their products.  Products vary from the newest gadgets and notions to the latest and greatest materials, patterns, etc.  So yeah, if you have any craft or creative hobby, and you don’t find a way to spend a single dime, well….there are some things that shouldn’t be said.

Anyway, if that weren’t cool enough I got to meet a fellow blogger (again) Anna-Liza and I met for the first time when the Yarn Harlot came to speak in April of 07.  Since then I have not only stalked her blog, but I have stalked her friends 🙂  So we met up at lunch time and gossiped briefly over the our favorite websites….and what is next to knit.  It was delightful to meet again, and I hope one day when the kids outgrow the need to cling to my legs, I may be able to go to knit groups and see more of the people I meet so infrequently these days. 

I also did some stash enhancement.  This company was there, and I bought some beautiful light coppery fall tones variegated in a lace weight so I can really jump in over my head.  No pictures yet….

In knitting news I am slowly slowly kicking out a second pomotamus, I think I have second sock syndrome…. But am QUICKLY (one down 1/2 to go) making myself a pair of felted clogs, I so loved the pair I knit for sil, and it was practically tragic to give them up, so hopefully and FO, soon!  And I actually have a FO, granted a really basic FO, but still… I decided to make a washcloth for mom for her b-day, and the only way to gift a washcloth is with cool soap, so voila 🙂


Knit with Sugar’n Cream self striping, I am SOOOO in love with self striping. 

In sewing news, I have made the sloppiest looking lunch-bag on the planet, but it is perfect for schlepping my lunch in, and I will never lose it!  

ugly lunch bag

Basically I just made a pattern from the paper bag I used until it died and although it could be prettier, it isn’t.  I am also sure it would take some pretty large cajones to steal a lunch in a bag like this 🙂

Soon:  The latest and greatest from vogue and a total rant.