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Get off my lawn…. June 29, 2011

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Fable Mitts by mintlatte
Fable Mitts, a photo by mintlatte on Flickr.

So anyway – these are the fable mitts, I finished them in a rush as they were originally intended for someone else, but in an evil twist of fate I got to keep them. The knitting is just to distract you, I really started typing to tell you all how fricking grumpy I am.

My dog is making me insane becasue the oversize dipshit is terrified of fireworks, and every kid in my neighborhood apparently has an unlimited firework fund. I find myself thinking very bad things about these children, and worse things about their parents. The problem is when I was a kid nothing made me happier than a bag of fireworks – that delightful sense of wrongness when you lit the fuse and held it to the last minute and threw it…or when you stuffed a barbies head with black cats and twisted all the fuses together to light as one…anyway FWIW I still have all my fingers. Clearly something has addled my brain between childhood and today cause I would ban the damn things. In the meantime my addled st. bernard golden mix is living under my skirts, and is fricking terrified to go outside and do his business. His back legs have acquired a nervous shake and he is vocalizing….peiple my dog licks, he does not vocalize. Also the whine is very wimpy and the one thing my dog has going for him is that he can look tough (look being the key word)
In closing – fricking brats…get off my lawn – also I would never wish that you lose a finger, but if you buzzed on badly enough to give up fireworks…..


14,264 foot high sock…. June 25, 2011

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100_0828 by mintlatte
100_0828, a photo by mintlatte on Flickr.

The family and I decided to play tourist today. Sometime you forget just how pretty it can be here.
Anyway, my poor sock in progress went with me and who can blame it for wanting to see the scenery?


Things learned at the golf course…. June 24, 2011

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OK I do not golf. But I do man the hole at golf tournaments for marketing sometimes. Today I learned some important stuff.

1. butt crack sweat is the worst kind of sweat.

2. boob sweat is the second worst.

3. no matter how hard you try, you will miss a critical spot with the sunscreen.

4. I do not really understand golf.  Also golfers think that is kind of odd.

5. The part after the golf stuff where you ride around on the carts with the cute caddies who take all your marketing stuff to your car is just fine 🙂

 6. If I were single I would totally play golf.  Did I mention the cute caddies?




Ahhh…calm….. June 22, 2011

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3 diamonds bag by mintlatte
3 diamonds bag, a photo by mintlatte on Flickr.

So I am sitting on my front porch watching the grass grow. Really. Actually I am watching the sprinklers, listening to the birds and enjoying the evening cool as it rolls in. The hubby and kids are just getting back from a walk….and I am just enjoying the calm.

I have been handed a bouquet of weeds by one kid, and a dirty foot bandaid from the other. Ah the joys of motherhood.

Work is wonderful again. Crazy busy, but oddly far less stressful than it had become. You never want someone to have so much power over you that they can make you miserable, and yet you find that stuck day to day with someone it wears down your resistance to miserable. Folks my resistance to miserable is pretty darn strong. I hope to never have to exercise my anti miserable that strongly again.

Miserable does have some good side effects though – I adopted a finish it now mentality with my crafting and didn’t take up too many long projects, so I do at least have some finished stuff. 
This was an impuls buy at a knitted peace – a free pattern with yarn purchase type thing I had to have. Basically a weekend knit. I plan to knit this one again….bigger. And maybe from wool instead of cotton, the cotton was darn hard on my hands, but worth it.

Hope you all are enjoying summer as much as I am 🙂


eh…who are you again? June 17, 2011

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Well it has been a long time folks. I hope to post more often – but then again I always hope to post more often. But today something big happened. Today something huge changed at work. Something with the potential to make me like my job again. All I know is sometimes you need change, and change is what we got. I also hope that somehow I can get some of me back. Living my life centered around a job that was becoming harder to do every day took a lot out of me. I need my hobbies and my creative side, and I just didn’t have the energy for them. I am feeling pretty positive at the moment, so maybe just maybe I can get my groove back 🙂


And then…… January 17, 2011

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So if you happened to get a notice about a whole bunch of new posts (and I hope you didn’t) the old MSN spaces worked with WordPress to give us a migration tool – so I decided to migrate all my old stuff.

In other news – the family is all still alive, I am still knitting, things are still crazy and I somehow wonder if there are really lights at the end of the tunnel or if it is a horrific joke played by unknown miscreants with flashlights. I am beginning to suspect the latter, but in case of the former the blog reserves the right to come back to life.


Felted Clogs the 6th… May 24, 2010

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A brief history of Felted clogs as knit by Karen.

1. Made for Anna.

My first foray into felted clogs.  Ignored yarn requirements, bought two skeins of clog color and one of sole color.  Made it work by holding clog color and sole color together for inner sole of clog. Purple and black.

2. Made for me.

Paid attention to yarn requirement, apparently forgot how to count though. Compensated by picking up or dropping stitches randomly throughout to keep the stitch count right. Clogs still turned out super cute.

3. Made for Debbie. This pair was practically perfect except that I used a different kind of yarn. On my prior escapades I used Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride. For this pair I heard that the brown sheep naturespun  felted a lot faster – as I do my felting in a front loader this was ultra appealing. What I did not expect is that it would felt totally differently than the other yarns.  I consider this the wonkiest looking pair ever and there is not picture as I think they were felted at about two minutes before they were gifted.  They are also the warmest thickest pair I have made- so the recipient was still quite happy.

4. Made for Beth – again no picture – again, finished at the last absolute possible minute – there may be a pattern here but I refuse to acknowledge it. Lavender with purple soles – I used Hobby Lobby I Love this wool, and it was a slower start felting, but once it decided to felt – it felted.

5. Made for Kacey – and since these live with me and are frequently spotted in the wild (she wears them to school..yeah I am that mom, the one who lets her kid wear their slippers to school…) but still – no picture. These were a complete hybrid knit – all or the other purple and black leftovers held together in an amazing yarn conservation sytem effectively using all kinds of leftovers and still becoming felted clogs.

6. Made for Frankie –

who is graduating high school, and is nice to my freshman kid. The idea struck and I raided the stash using one skein of Brown Sheep Naturspun in bulky weight to knit all four soles! Beware clog knitters – this left ONLY enough to sew the sole together, not enough to do the cuff or attach the second sole, so for that I went back to pair No. 3 and used some of the purple to do the job. The blue was a skein of Lion Wool I had around thanks to my inability to resist a clearance sale.  The best part is these have a little racing stripe around the sole, which can not be considered sporty, since this is a slipper, but sure is cute.

So there it is – my most frequently knit pattern. Maybe I will learn to start more than two days before gifting is required 🙂


UFO to FO, Cathedral Rose Afghan… May 20, 2010

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So a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away I saw the ultimate afghan pattern. I figured I would never make one, but set about checking on the pattern anyway…you know…just in case. Well it turns out that the pattern was from an old Annie’s Attic book – long out of print. The problem here is that now not only was I liking the afghan, but it had been deemed unattainable – making it that much more interesting to me.  I began emailing Annie’s Attic and asking for a reprint. Using multiple email addresses so I would look like a lot of people (Sock Puppets’R’us) Anyhoo, whether my emailing worked or whether someone at Annie’s said “hey look, people are paying lots of money for this old book – maybe we should consider it….” I will never know.  But the unattainable FINALLY became attainable. < Now you can even download it, saving yourself the mind numbing two week wait for slow boat shipping via smartpost.
I bought yarn and proceeded to attempt this blanket during the summer Ravelympics of 2008.   If I could crochet 24 hours a day I might have finished it.  Being a human (and apparently a mother – short people in my house kept asking for things…they must be mine… they look like me) I did not succeed.  Not only did I not succeed I burned myself out on it. So I put it away…far far away. Finally when Ravelympics 2010 rolled around I began to think it might be a good time to break it out again…and this time there was actually a pretty good chance I could have finished it – except for the short people. The tallest of the short people volunteered me to help with costumes on a musical where the sewing of 19 skirts and the hemming and altering of a multitude of ballgowns began.  So I basically failed at finishing for two consecutive Ravelmpics.
But the afghan did in fact finally get its day. In truth it got finished a couple weeks ago, but this is the first chance I have had to give it the blog post it is due.

The Cathedral Rose Afghan.
Cathedral Rose 4

At a total of 84″ from side to side there is a deceptively HUGE amount of crochet here.

Entirely Red Heart Super Saver <1. It had to be washable. HAD to be.  2. If I made it of anything else I would have had to put it in a safe deposit box – the yardage in this thing is….intimidating.  While I was making it I had my doubts, but once it had been washed and dried it is nice and soft awesome for snuggling with.

The totals?  18 skeins of Super Saver – with not a lot left over.  That is a total of 5,712 yards of yarn.  3.25 MILES of yarn.

The pattern is surprisingly easy – at times it is mind numbing.  the fortunate thing is the construction is genius so that a little common sense can carry you through when nothing else does.

And the final product? Amazing. Beautiful. HUGE. Great for a snuggle with a short blanket thief, there is enough to go around 🙂 I am so happy I finished this that it makes me giddy – and every time I sit wrapped up in it, or toss it over the back of the sofa I get a little thrill of accomplishment.

So there it is the long path from UFO to FO, the agony of defeat, the thrill of victory, and the need to find a new long term project.

Ravelry Page

center of afghan

Cathedral Rose Afghan


The blog has been playing dead…. March 12, 2010

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Or maybe that has been me. It is kind of hard to tell.

But – right now my life is starting to look a little sane. As in not quite as crazy as before. Before crazy was well and truly bat-crap-crazy. So now the insane just looks relatively sane.

Suicidal Tendencies had this to say about it “Who the hell you calling crazy? You wouldn’t know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch.”

Only he isn’t. Not on my front porch at least. That said methinks it might be time to truly consider some blog CPR. Hate to stand around and watch this baby choke on her tongue. Plus it seems it would be wise to brush up on my WordPress skills as they may actually come in handy for the job that pays the bills. And we all know that these days a job that pays the bills is nothing to be sneezed at. I will shake my fist at it and curse it during the off hours, but truly I am not sure that really makes me feel any better, rather I think it just gives me something to do.

For those expecting the crafty content – I have actually made a few things, but I have to fix my dis-functional picture storage system stop being too cheap to pay for my damn flick’r account.

That said – I think I will do my taxes this weekend and perhaps as a reward for that I will re-up the flick’r.

Back soon y’all – just like a blank billboard – keep watching this space.


Dance the night away… September 28, 2009

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So this weekend I sent my girl (left) to a Homecoming Dance.
How on earth can you stall father time? He is running and I would settle for a nice crawl.

She came home just before her coach turned into a pumpkin having enjoyed her time as the bell of the ball.

Mel – thanks for the dress. It was super cute on her.