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Slippers….. February 11, 2008

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OK, so I have actual knitting to show off today!¬† Hot off the needles and out of the washer and dryer…. felted clogs ūüôā¬† ALLL MINE!!!!!!!!!

Felted Clogs

I made a pair of these as a Christmas gift, and it almost sucked out my soul to give them away (ok, maybe not my SOUL, but you get my drift….I truly almost zombified myself (gratuitous zombie mention!!! 5 blogger points!!!)

Anyhoo, these are just so darn amazing, the thing is they are toasty and warm and soft and comfy, but not too hot so your feeties sweat….. PLUS you can make them nice and wide for fat little feets….sigh.¬† I love the Fiber Trends people ūüôā¬†¬† Since I am impatient I have found that the shoe rack in the dryer is the best way to dry these, and if you felt them in a front loader, they will be so close to dry that you don’t feel too environmentally guilty for using the dryer….. I am especially in love because the felting process is so cool, here they are pre felting, the shoes are mine, so that shows how much they shrink up….

un felted clogs

So how’s about details eh?

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in Hurricane Seas and Pepper РAWESOME because they felted to size with a single trip through the front loader!!!!! And the felted wool is snuggly soft and thick! Yarn from The Cottage Yarn in Littleton.

Knitpicks Options needles in size US 13 using the 24″ cord.¬†

If you are making the ladies small, you may have to get the 16″ needles or magic loop it or whatever…but for the medium, the 24″ worked fine, very close fit…but it beats changing needles! I also changed things up and used a US 11 to pick up stitches where called for¬†and that made the juggling process of attaching the sole and the cuff WAY easier. ¬†

In other news….. I am really sick of winter, but Saturday and Sunday were nice enough that the neighborhood tribe was roaming again!!¬† They are a little sad, because it has become clear that DD the daring leader of the tribe has moved on.¬† It is almost peter pannish…. how they all followed her around and she has been the leader of the play for a few years now, but she has grown out of that kind of play, and it was like they didn’t know what to do without her.¬†The oldest is now a boy who lives just a couple of houses down, so it isn’t much surprise that they¬†soon settled into the famous melting snow routine¬†of building¬†gutter dams. Odd how¬†even though you know it is going to happen, the growing up still surprises you.¬†¬†¬†