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New Years, dirty hands and bloglines…. January 7, 2009

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I actually don’t remember the last post I wrote.  If I were not such a completely incompetent blogger I would go check it out.  As it is I finally caught up with my feeds today,  over 250 blog posts to catch up on. FWIW I read ALL of them (except for all the details of the recalled stuff…the fact that I feel the need to subscribe to all sorts of feeds about recalls from the FDA is one of those things I normally don’t fess up to.  Having been absent for a significant period of time I figure I owe at least one confession…and NO there aren’t any meatier ones….)

As it is I will probably not improve on my posting habits in the new year.  But I do promise to check in if anything interesting happens.

Oddly enough I keep finding myself stepping out of my comfort zone.  At work, at home, even socially (<psst…I have been going to a knit group!!!!!!) I have never been one to take the safe path, so it is not particularly unusual to find myself a bit beyond my comfort zone, but ventures beyond the border used to result in “holy crap what the hell have I gotten myself into this time??? ” Often followed by “holy crap that worked??” These days something different is happening.  I find myself trusting my intuition, kind of thinking that maybe just maybe I haven’t really just been finding myself beyond my comfort zone all this time…maybe I have been untruthful about where my comfort zone is….That said, I think maybe some resolutions are in order.

I am likely to come home from work more often with dirty hands (in my life this is a good thing…perhaps someday that will merit an explanation).

I will make some new friends this year.  <also a good thing, after being a working mom for 6 years, someone new to talk to is just what the life ordered.

I will remember that for much of my life I have exceeded peoples expectations when I push the limits.  Often times making the biggest mistakes have led to some of the best things in my life.  Why the hell should I be afraid of screwing things up?

I will also not look for trouble.   There is a fine line you know 🙂

And Melissa:

what about…. this

If you like it, let me know and we will go yarn shopping 🙂