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5 minutes peace….. December 24, 2007

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I guess I didn’t over commit on the Christmas knitting because it is all done….

Everything is cooked, wrapped, packed, ready to go, there is just me and the kids hanging out in what should be 5 minutes worth of peace, except for the five year old who’s excitement is boisterous and over the top, and perhaps a bit noisy to be considered peaceful 🙂

I think that considering how busy and overwhelming the next couple of days will be I just very, very content to have my almost  5 minutes of peace.

Last night I stash dived and came up with some sock yarn for some pomatomus socks, they will likely be the busiest socks EVER, but it is nice to start a project with no deadline. 

I am thinking I will need to actually set some finishing goals for next year as my list of projects that I want to start has become longer, but that is partially because  I am finding a lot less fear in the casting on these days.  If it isn’t what I want, I just rip it back (and I am getting better at that too for the record).

So in my 5 minutes of peace, I just want to wish you all 5 minutes of peace, and a very merry Christmas.


Argh, how the heck is Christmas in a week…… December 17, 2007

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Yup, the dreaded day next week.

So how about an update 🙂

1. The afghan is done.  (No it is not HUGE, but it is big, and it is nice, and it will cover one adult happily and comfortably in cold weather.)

2.  I am still conflicted about the edge, it is a nice scallop, but it curls.  Fringe hides this in the pattern, but I do not want fringe, nor do I want to invent and edging that will keep a nice scallop and not roll.

3.  I am 60% through the only other knitted gift I need to finish.  How the heck long does it take felted stuff to dry?  In this case felted clogs…the one that is done and felted (cause I did not believe this would work) just will not dry.  Can I put it in the dryer?? I still have shrink room…  but if I put it in the dryer how do I make it keep its shape?  My dryer has a shoe rack, can I put towels in it to shape it and dry it?? And how can I finish one darn slipper with practically no errors, but can’t frickin count well enough to finish the second???????  I could go into a whole long story about me and these clogs and why impulse last minute knit gifting is dumb, and you should really READ the pattern before you buy yarn, but it is working anyway story, but really I don’t want to look that dumb on my own blog.

4. Why the heck can my husband and son crank out entire dozens of cut and frosted sugar cookies in mere half hour spans, but if I am working with said son it takes all darn afternoon?  I am going to leave the baking up to them.  They are CLEARLY more capable than I am.

5. Really I think it was the early Thanksgiving that threw me off, lulled me into a sense of fake peace. 

6. I am not doing a darn thing for New Years.  New Years I am beginning to understand is the ADULTS relaxing holiday.  The only prep in my family includes having the correct chinese restaurant menu in the house and making sure there is ample booze to make sure I don’t make it till midnight.  I am thinking that I probably will stay MIA until after Christmas, unless I make a panic post. 


Have a lovely Christmas, may all your knitting be gifted on time.


Snow….. December 10, 2007

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I don’t think I ever really realized as a kid how many kinds of snow there are.  As a kid it was either snowman and snowball snow, or not.  Really, what fun was snow that couldn’t be packed into whatever we wanted???

The best snow to play in is still the packing kind, but recently I have discovered my favorite snow of all… glitter snow. 


This image is part of a bigger rather boring snow picture, but I took the picture because the snow was literally twinkling at me.  This is utterly non photoshopped, just blown up from the picture below, but I was so in awe as we drove around shopping yesterday I just kept staring at the glittering snow.  (See the star twinkle in the bottom corner… really it was there!!!)  I know for a fact that the twinkly snow was in fact snowman snow…(although packing ruined the twinkly).  But glittery and packable…this is the kind of snow I want from now on!!!


Whut?? No Tee vee??? December 4, 2007

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Yeah, No T.V.  I really haven’t got an opinion on the writer’s strike (until it applies to books I am OK!) But I do miss me some good TV already.   Seriously Clash of the Choirs is NOT what I look forward to knitting to.  It also makes me wonder how much money they paid for that concept.   

I am still knitting away on the afghan.  The never ending afghan I really want to knit or sew or make something else I can have done yesterday so at least there is something done only I can’t cause I am knitting on this afghan.  BUT the afghan WILL be done.  I could cast off tonight, except that I am a generous knitter of the mindless afghan and intend to have it at least neck length, but even if I knit no more I will have a presentable afghan.

Been thinking about what to knit AFTER Christmas, and I need more socks.  (Anyone looking to get me a Christmas gift?  Sock yarn.  Really… No I WANT sock yarn and you would be the coolest gifter ever!!!! Any color…..I like em ALLLLLLL)

I have yarn for a sweater for me, if I can get my hands on the patten I want, if not, there are others 🙂 I just have to seek them out.  I am beginning to see that this knitting thing could get WAY out of hand. 

I think we are on track for Christmas, at least as on track as it is possible for us to be!! Clearly we have not done all our shopping.  But we have done some 🙂  I think I have been lulled into a false sense of security because Thanksgiving was so darn early this year.  I expect I will be frantic around midweek next week, it should hit me by then! 

The kids are the kids, we still have an over abundance of energy in our home… which is sometimes very fun, but worn out little ones can be …not fun…. as well. 

 I finally took the snapshot to go in the Christmas cards….. so just for giggles…..

This will not be the picture in your card.