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Poor abandoned blog…. November 4, 2005

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Ah yes, I have neglected my blog, in favor of what you might ask, should a poor, lonely blog be abandoned for….Kitchen remodeling.  Pictures and stories on that later, when I have finished….
Today something interesting has happened.  This AM I have found on my moniter a VERY cryptic note.  Written on MY blue post its is this…..
Not plastic bags.
Seriously.  So an enjoyable morning passed trying to figure out what hoskipping was.  Plus who was miguel??
The possibilities were endless, and amusing.  Suggestions included plastic bags to wrap ladies of the night in so that they would more favorably skip across the surface of the water.  The variables, as you can see, have been endless. 
Yet this afternoon I received a call from the mysterious Miguel. Turns out he is with HOUSEKEEPING, they ran out of bags for the small trash cans at my desk and were hoping I could order some.  
As far as work goes, typical things keep happening.  Nothing out of the ordinary in the least. OH except for one of our engineers and his wife just had their first baby 🙂  A little girl, and he is of course going to be led about by a thread around her pinky for the rest of his life. 
Anyway, Kitchen should be finished this weekend, and I will post pictures soon after.