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When Cancer takes over….

There is something wrong with my family…… November 20, 2008

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Very. Very. Very wrong.

people soup the second

(also very funny…until the therapy bills start rolling in)


My son Chucky….. November 19, 2008

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So DS likes to draw.  Today as I am putzing in the kitchen making dinner, DS calls to me…

“look mom….people soup!”

people soup

The worst part is, since he is mine I am less sure of my stance on Nature vs. Nurture than I ever have been.


The proverbial mirror…… November 16, 2008

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has been placed under my nose…..and folks….there is fog on it.

first things first…. Thanks Marin! I needed that.  (more on that later…)

What I been up to: (this post exceed standard acceptable length limits…you have been warned.)


Ok not that.  I am completely blocking that out today 🙂

There are these…..

Essentially created so that boy can slide in the hallway.  One of the cool things about my felted clogs is the slide factor, boy was envious of the slide factor.  These were made for sliding 🙂 Super fast super easy… the pattern is from the new Interweave Holiday Knits, which I am actually kind of Meh about, but I can never turn down a collection of relatively quick knits.  Cheap yarn from the stash 🙂

OK, then there are These 🙂

These are none other than the famous Pomotomus by Cookie A.

I am not exactly ignorant of the problem here which is that I chose a very busy yarn to knit a very busy pattern.  These took just shy of a year to finish.  When I made the first one, I was still lacking the ability to read my knitting.  So the second one languished for some time.   Finishing the second proved to be very liberating.  There are way fewer mistakes in the second sock than in the first and it was way easier, as the ability to spot a yo or a k2tog in a prev. row can really make this one easier –  in ways it won’t if you are relying on your ability to count. Not only that but I was able to follow the same pattern twice, with results so similar they actually appear to be a pair.  The fit is great, so despite the fug, I will be wearing these babies proudly.

All this knitting has happened in the last two weeks, which is also liberating.  For a while there I was kind of stalled on the knitting front. Stalled is not good.  Stalled is frustrating. I have half a hey teach that wouldn;t fit anyone to show for it.  It may merit a frogged post of its own, or it may languish in punishment until I figure out WTF I did wrong. (um…gauge anyone?)

Anyhoo…while stalled on the knitting and frustrated with the job, blogging took a distant back seat.  I was reading and keeping up….but just not writing anything myself.

Thankfully Marin decided to check this little corner of the blogiverse for signs of life.  So here I am breathing on the mirror…..

The item that was passed on to me is none other than the 7 weird things meme.  I have weirded myself out before, but still felt compelled to do so again.

1.  I love wind up toys.  I use any excuse possible to get little wind up toys for my kids.  Hoppers, flippers, rollers, I just find wind-ups incredibly amusing. My favorite is a Godzilla wind up that spits sparks.  I originally got it for my son, but then I never brought it home.  He lives at my desk and takes sparky walks at least once a week.

2. We know others have sleep issues.  I have less severe sleep issues, but mine are kind of rare.  I am a morning waker.  I can fall asleep as soon as I put my head on a pillow regardless of my surroundings.  I just wake up at 2 or three in the morning.  It is a 50/50 shot at going back to sleep.

3. No matter how hard I try to be neat it is impossible.  I often lunch in my car, just to get out of the office, and I have had to resort to keeping a kitchen towel in the car to use as a bib.  Food has the uncanny ability to highlight my breasts in the most embarrassing manner possible.  If what I am eating matches my clothes, I am highly unlikely to spill.  If I am wearing a white shirt and eating something with ketchup, the ketchup will land in nipple vicinity.  Every time.

4.  I have hair issues.  I never know what to do with it so I just let it grow. Right now I have hair past my shoulders, and I can’t remember when I last got my hair cut.  I do know the last time I went in they had purged me from their database.  I only get away with it because I have straight thick hair that tends towards the oily side.  My hair sucks for styling, but rocks at just growing out straight.  Plus since I am just growing it out straight, I usually don’t blow dry or style too much.   I guess it kind of works for me.

5.  I love magazines.  Actually I am somewhat saved in this since the library now lets you check out past issues.  it is not unlike me to check out several months of the same magazine.

6.  I read in streaks.  If I go through a reading phase I will read practically non stop, usually till early in the morning.  After 7-8 books my appetite is usually sated and I can move on for a while (about a week :-).  Oddly enough, I find reading almost as good a sleep during these times.  I know for a fact I can’t hang with the partiers anymore, (see No. 2) but for some reason I could read practically all night long and I don’t seem to be tired the next day.

7. I have a thing about the phone people.  I live to spite the phone people.  Qwest is practically my nemesis. It started a few years age when they told me the lines in my house were not suitable for DSL.  I would have to have the house rewired if I wanted that service.  I said no to rewiring.  Later that day I took the modem and kit I was supposed to send back, went outside and rewired my phone lines at my box, doing everything the way they told me not to. I then hooked up the modem, and DSL has worked seamlessly since.  Except when they come to do any work at my house, which is frequent because we have old overhead lines that go out all the time.  Each time they “fix” my box and I have to go out and rewire it.  They recently discontinued my old modem, and insisted on sending me a router modem combo that didn’t work with my set up. Despite their promise of no support, I forced the thing to work on my terms.  I would switch, but my general impression is that my experience is pretty par for the course, so I choose the entertainment value instead.

Anyway, here is where I am supposed to tag 7 others.  And here is where I revolt. I interact with the blogosphere is a slightly passive aggressive manner.  I don’t want to call anyone out….. that and as far as I can tell there aren’t too many blogs downhill from me to tag 🙂

If you have made it this far you totally deserve a medal.