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Frizzle Fry……….. August 30, 2007

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Me that is. 

Poor DH was schlepped to the Dr. yesterday for a pretty bad flare up of sciatica.  He was in much pain, and frankly just needed a little TLC.  I took the day off to give him said TLC.  Which was kind of nice, I am not home during the day, and it is nice to be home during the day every once in a while. 

I am beginning to think the work being crazy thing is a permanent state of being, and that I should probably just get used to it.  Which I guess I will, but I will do so reluctantly.  It seems as if busy is just in general becoming a state of existance…..

I didn’t mention earlier, but it was a hugely busy weekend.  We had my company picnic, then a yarn sale, then the next day we went to Elitch’s.


While the work picnic was nice, (we rented a snow cone machine, nothing beats a snow cone with as much syrup as you want) and Elitch’s was fun (DS especially loved it)….. the yarn sale was clearly the highlight of my weekend.  (Other than DD’s Birthday, of course)

I bought enough Jaegger tweed to make myself a cardigan, and right now I am pretty fixated on the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. But this yarn has me practically in a shambles, I love it so much, and it is the first time I have bought  enough of the good stuff for a sweater for me, so I really want it to be something I can wear and enjoy, as I know whatever I make, it will not be an "instant sweater" (Remember the shrug!!).  I can’t tell you how much time I have lost to Ravelry in search of the perfect pattern.  Then as soon as I find something, I second guess my abilities and well…it goes on and on.   I had no idea the yarn would make me this crazy.  I think if I stash too much it will only be that indecision keeps me from using any of my yarn!!

I also bought almost enough Mission Falls to make my daughter some Twinkle Toes slipper socks, but apparently almost wasn’t good enough, since I have almost done in a whole skein and I am at the darn ankle. This is my first pair of toe up socks!! I knew I wanted to do socks when I got the yarn, and then I was going through my Tivo’d Knitty Gritty episodes, and there it was… toe up socks 🙂 I really love the toe cast on and so forth, the show really focused in on the detail of casting on and increasing, but they just glossed over the heel, I didn’t get it at all!!! So I am way unsure of what I am doing.  So far I have been kind of following the pattern and kind of following the Toe up socks how to from Interweave Knits. I imagine it would be much smarter to stick with a single pattern, but neither one makes sense to me on its own, so far they look pretty good, if they refuse to turn out and fit her, they will fit me well, and I won’t be picky about the heel!!!!

Anyhoo, I called  A Knitted Peace today and they very sweetly put two more balls on hold for me 🙂 Now I totally have an excuse to go snuggle yarn on Saturday!!  While I am there I plan on really perusing the cardigan patterns, I want to pick the right thing for my tweed, it is just sooo beautiful!!

 OH and speaking of LYS, I also got a chance to stop by Colorful Yarns, OMG, I could have moved in.   They were so friendly, and that store is just beeeeyooootiful.  Plus if you are looking for a bag… this is the place to go.  I drooled for at least a half hour and we did some total perfect bag chat.  I believe they have the perfect bag for everyone.  Since I have "mad" (lol) sewing skills, I passed on a large bag purchase..(actually I escaped by the skin of my teeth) but I did get this…..

Yup a HIPPO notions holder!!!!! I do love hippos 🙂


I have a teenager??? August 28, 2007

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We have all heard how 13 is an unlucky number, and there have been many theories about WHY thirteen is unlucky.  May I present a new one.  At the ripe age of 13 apparently our "tweens" become official teenagers. 

So on Saturday we officially welcomed a teenager to the family.  Because I am her mother, and I refuse to believe she is growing up, I made her a blankie 🙂 And yes, she appreciated it 🙂

Being a mom to a teenager is new to me.  It seems to me that she is perhaps a pretty special teenager.  DD has had to work very hard the past couple of years both in school and at home.  We have asked a lot of her and she has proven herself over and over.  For every moment she makes us crazy, she makes up by being responsible. For every goofy thing, she does something sweet.  DD has blessed me in numerous ways, and truly is an amazing child  teenager.  As a mom, I find our children are so much more than just our children, they are at times our mirrors, our conscience, our passage into new social rules, and even new technology.  As an adult, (and perhaps a more astute history student than before) I have realized just how fast things change, and DD seems to always be "in the know.

I don’t know how it will be possible for me to hold on to her and let her go at the same time.  My breath literally catches in my throat as I think that kind of thought, and I am truly glad that "teenager" lasts a long time.  Perhaps, given enough time, I can figure it all out. 

I can say that I think she will be a better cook than me, she likes cooking and does it not just so she can have something to eat.  She will be at least as disorganized as me, but perhaps maybe have a neat kitchen like her father.  She will sometimes be the center of attention, sometimes not, and she has learned to be OK with that. She will be a dear friend to anyone who desires her friendship.  And she thinks she "might" want to go to college 🙂


The shrug is done…… August 24, 2007

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I have a simple shrug.  First the good:

1. It is DONE.  I have knit and knit and knit and knit.  31,840 stitches to be exact < I can do math, me!!!

2. I believe my picked up stitches are superior to any I have picked up in the past.

3. It is comfy and warm, and I will wear it lots 🙂


4. I am pretty happy with my seams, I worked hard to do them properly.

5. the stripes on the arms pretty much match each other although in reverse, both ending with reddish cuffs.  This was an effect I never could have achieved on purpose.

OK, the bad: 

1. It is really hard to tell how this will fit until you are done.  I mean you can get an idea of sleeve length, but mine looks tiny on me compared to the model pic.  At first I was disappointed by this, but then I realized that I had done everything right, I made a Large/x-large, got gauge, my finished pieces is the exact size it is supposed to be, and there were no measurements given other than the final size.  Given that I own no other garment like this, it would have been pretty tough to gauge fit by finished size measurements. Once I got over the fact it looked different on me and saw the pic’s rather than the mirror, I was more pleased, but I think I will never forget my initial disappointment.

The Ugly:

Size 6 and 8 Knitpicks options circ. needles.  Caron simply soft shadows yarn. Yarn requirements on the pattern were WAY off, and I needed more to match stripes.  Pattern said four I used seven. (but have essentially a skein of many balls left over due to stripe matching issues) this mostly disturbs me as I got gauge and my piece is just the size it should be. Plus it took forever!!


AND since I have received part of a wonderful swap, from a terrific knitter, knitting nyxxie, I must share very awesome sock pictures.

I stalked my feet for days and found them in their natural environment under a cube desk:


They were mildly startled by the flash, but eventually succumbed to curiosity and were photographed in much more detail…

How do you thank someone for making you awesome socks???? I am not sure I can, but will be sending more embroidered stuff her way soon!!


Mildly Antsy…… August 22, 2007

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OK, so the shrug is sooooo close to being done that I have been putting off posting because I want to do a finished object post.  THAT DARN CLOSE, Like under 2000 stitched to go with very minimal finishing……..

Other than that, we have spent all week in preparation for d-day…. (also known as BACK TO SCHOOL DAY 🙂

And the kids have both been successfully transported to their respective institutes of learning.  The preschooler has already returned from his special dad and him get acquainted at school day, and this went MUCH better than last year.  This year we may not have to leave the front door open for him in case he escapes and comes home 🙂 His feet however have grown two inches overnight and before he starts in earnest tomorrow, I need to go shoe shopping with him (bye bye knitting time).  Girl is still safely held in the classroom at the middle school (odd, I went to Jr. High 🙂 and I am keeping my fingers crossed that tonight’s report will be filled with the same girlish rabble I always get, she prattles when she is happy, and clams when she isn’t.

Also, I must say that girl did indeed finish her summer reading project.  The only help she needed was to format it on the computer, which her dad handily took care of.  So until next summer…….

Anyway…. until next time, when hopefully I will be wearing the shrug…….


Eye Candy Friday….. August 17, 2007

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Yeah, I know y’all were thinking yarn or flowers or fabric or something, but I have to share this one 🙂

For a four year old I would say he has rebellious down.


Yoohoo… Wednesday? Please be longer….. August 15, 2007

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Not because it is a great day, but because I have so much to do today it will not be possible to do it all, which may make one wonder why I would bother posting a blog post at all…. Maybe I work best under pressure eh?  Put it off until absolute drop deadishness?  Nope.   Waiting for others to finish their stuff so I can be hit with it at the last possible minute.  Actually I do work well under pressure, but this is getting ridiculous.  It is fortunate that I have vast patience right now. VAST I tells ya. So I fill the wait time with this, which I can drop at any moment, and pick up on what can only be generously called 10 hours of work for the average human that we know YOU can do in 6 if you absolutely have to. Sigh. 

OOh, I am knitting and knitting on the shrug and it is so close I am getting excited!!! I am even shopping for my next project, in which I will be making a real for true awesome poodle skirt, for the mostest cutest little girl ever…….

Anyway, hope y’all are having a relaxed Wednesday, and if you are loan me a couple hours of it, I am going to need it!!


I have a movie year??? August 10, 2007

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This got me thinking.  Do I have a movie year?   Really, could one have a movie year?  Quickly I googled my all time favorite, The Princess Bride and found it was released in 1987.  After a quick trip down memory lane in which I recalled how much Dirty Dancing affected me on first view, it too turned out to be 1987.  The only movie I googled that was NOT 1987 was Stand By Me and that was ’86.

Hmm… maybe I DO have a movie year…. IMDB to the rescue, and a quick and dirty listing of all movies released in 1987 by release date.  Notable movies include:

  1. Adventures in Babysitting
  2. Spaceballs
  3. Full Metal Jacket
  4. La Bamba
  5. Lost Boys
  6. Brave Little Toaster
  7. and last (but not least) Flowers in the Attic

I have seen all but the last one, and many others from 1987, most of them in the theatre, which I guess officially makes 1987 my movie year.  Which makes sense, at 15 I had a job and worked at a mall with a movie theatre and got a mall discount on tickets (like my friends let me in free discount :-).  Hindsight is a terrible thing though, I remember my kickin’ cool teenage wardrobe with the skinny jeans with the zippers at the ankles and what not.  I also totally did that wall o’ hair thing with my bangs……

What’s your movie year??