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When Cancer takes over….

Very fetching :-) November 14, 2006

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I am just posting to say how spoiled I am….look what someone made me for my Birthday 🙂

Fetching gloves from…!! They are soooooo beautiful and soft and now me thinks I really MUST practice knitting….I love these 🙂

This pictures is very true to color, they are just so lovely…..

Hmm, It is very difficult to take pictures of ones hands 🙂


The yarn tangler…… November 9, 2006

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Well, it would seem as if I am just one big bundle of WIPS.  I have projects started, projects midway through, projects with patterns and materials just waiting to get kicking….and sigh.   The biggest right now is an afghan I have in progress, it is a simple solid color afghan, but I have been working off of the one pounders with two strands held together.  Tuesday night the beloved preschooler got a hold of one of my skeins, and the child is talented.  He managed to turn a one pound center pull skein of yarn that was happily working with me into what looked like 5 skinny knotted hanks of yarn by deftly removing the innards of the large skein 4 times.  Really, I think I should enroll the child in med school, never have I seen innards so deftly removed.  Anyway, I ended up at the wrong end of the skein detangling my way through about half a pound of yarn so I could continue working.  Perhaps you thought I learned my lesson. 

You thought WRONG.  Last night I am happily crocheting while child is rolling around on the floor with a variety of playthings, all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I catch him with the OTHER pounder of yarn!! He knows I have seen him though and works fast, the whole arm goes into the inside of the skein and  the little fat fist closes up around a good handful of yarn, he quickly pulls his arm out, neatly and efficiently creating two tangled skeins out of one complete happy skein, drops the mess and heads for his sisters room. 

Sigh. And I wonder why I made so much progress at first, but it seems slow now.    

On the plus side, I at least finished something, an oriental feel reversible purse.

Side 1 – Black with multicolored butterflies.

Side 2 – Green on Green leafy plant type print.

Overall I am pretty happy with this one, it has a bit of pucker in the side top seams, but is nicely reversible – which was the goal 🙂


Halloween and Birthdays…. November 6, 2006

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Well, Halloween is done and gone for another year 🙂 I tried to get good costume pictures of my children, but they do not have any willpower to hold still when they are being dressed for trick or treat.  Anyway, it was SLOW at our house this year, and since I had bought a TON of candy, a few kids got totally treated.

See? Moving kid…..

Hey…look, he ALMOST held still….

And the other?

Yup, she was happy too (except for the part where it was freezing out and it was necessary to wear some long sleeves under her "dead Cinderella" gown.

The following day we had a birthday to celebrate.  So cake was in order, blue monster cake to be specific.  With no monster cake pans available, I went impromptu and used Elmo.  He still looks like Elmo, but dear son was quite impressed. 

Seriously though, with two kids and Halloween and a Birthday, AND the time adjustment, our house is just short of an asylum.  Parents know the feeling…where you wonder if people really WOULD bring them back, or if you could safely abandon them on a corner?  By Sunday night, some semblance of sanity had been restored (SOME) at least enough that I was quite glad that I had not abandoned them 🙂 Girl knows her address anyway, so I can be assured they would be back.  (Oh and since strangers read this, please be assured that I would NEVER really abandon my children. Really.)