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Mornings….. September 28, 2007

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I am usually up for sunrise, with a few exceptions.  After a while you can start to tell which ones are going to be good, and which are just a sunrise. 

Yesterday was a just a sunrise morning, nice and bright. 

The nice thing about the sunrise on a cloudless day is that while the sun rises in the east, the mountains are to the west.  So the mountains reflect all the colors of the sun rise.  Truly I think this is what was meant by purple mountain majesty.  If not, don’t correct me.

Makes me wish I had cleaned my mirror, as it is just so much nicer than the picture shows. 

By the time I got to work, it looked like this….

Even on a plain day, I can’t imagine a better show. 


Camp… Boy Scout style :-) September 27, 2007

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I am fortunate in that I know a Boy Scout or two.  This weekend, we were invited to attend a family campout.  Not the backpacking kind of crazy camp out, but a nice sleep in a tent with your car near by camp trip.  Now you tell me, how on earth can you turn down a Boy Scout????

DD, DS and I packed up and headed to the lake for the day on Saturday.  I wish I could tell you how clever it is that the boys did most of the cooking, or how cute they were, or how nice it was to just hang out near a campfire, or how awesome the cobbler was cooked in a dutch oven and all (with charcoal people, the RIGHT way to use a dutch oven!!) but I am sure there are just not words.  DD loved it.  Girl Scouting was a touch disappointing for us.  Camping required indoor bathrooms with running hot water.  Even though this was "camping lite" it was exactly what she thought camping was supposed to be. 

She helped pitch a tent, and slept in it.  She peeled potatoes with a knife, and cut them.  She "helped" with dishes…. (I think she actually mocked the boys doing dishes, but she used the word "helped").

Plus she helped build a "monkey bridge".  A monkey bridge is comprised of three ropes, one on which you perform a tight rope act, two to hold on to while you perform said tight rope act.  This particular one was built not for the purpose of crossing a vast gorge, but for simple and pure fun.  (Check out the kid in the foreground with the cowboy hat, I am entirely assured of the future on mankind knowing that little boys sometimes still pretend they are cowboys, and that older boys will call you cowboy, whether or not you have a horse.)

The bridge was built with much muscle…..

a little skill….

and some helpful onlookers 🙂

In the end there was this….

Right about the time the bridge was done, my camera batteries died.  This is good since I do not have to show you my duct taped tent, or the eventual grubbiness levels all happily reached.  But I can say, with authority, that it was a lovely time, that camp food IS better, even with charcoal flakes in it, that no campfire is a campfire without marshmallows and a tall tale or two, and that camping isn’t really camping unless you at least break out a tent. 


Browns…… September 17, 2007

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OK , it has been one roller coaster of a weekend y’all.  Anyway, I am just going on the record here: I said the Browns could be an OK team this year, and I have no idea where the hell Anderson came from, but maybe they should keep him!! Best game of the weekend, just cause there was always something going on…….(nothing remotely defensive mind you, but defensive stand offs can stink to watch)

It all started off on a bad foot Friday when I had what was called a systemic reaction to my allergy shots. I got to get a shot of adrenaline and a shot of Benedryl, lets just say the combo is wicked.  Whether it be the shots or the reaction itself, my joints are killing me.  Badly enough I couldn’t walk in my Birkenstocks.  I adviled up and did some knitting though.  And finished the darn twinkle toes socks 🙂  These socks were photographed in their most positive light.  I made two lace repeat errors, and two purls instead of knit errors and I know where they all are.  Still, since these be the first toe-up socks, and really the first lace pattern socks, I find my mistakes to be utterly justified and love these things so much that DD barely got her mitts on them, but they were commissioned by her so to speak, so she would have stolen them later anyway. 

I did finally figure out the heel. For the record following two patterns at once was NOT a good idea, just as I had suspected, I ended up with elephant heels on the first sock and had to do some tinking.  In the end, these are just thrilling because they are Lacy socks, and you can bet there will be follow ups.  I am also unlikely to ever knit from the top down again so smitten am I with the toe up sock. 

I have new yarn….. Knit Picks memories, the red hat colorway, and I forget the name of the second but know that it is all my favorite colors all wrapped up in one skein.  The red hat is destined to be a gift, as soon as I figure out what to make, the other will be socks for ME. (probably lacy socks for me 🙂

Oddly enough while the Broncos were headed into overtime, hubby and I decided to Tivo the overtime and I headed out for food before the crowds hit.  On the way out I got waved over to a side street by an officer of the law.  Several police cars were there and I had a sinking feeling in my gut.  He walks up to the car and asks how fast I was going in that total cop voice, and I decided to play innocent, and stammer through some I don’t really know explanation, at which point he says: "I don’t know either, we are only checking for DUIs and seatbelts." I could have fallen out of my car laughing. Anyhoo they sent me on my merry way without a ticket or a warning in hand which was nice. And the Broncos won, also nice 🙂

DH and I did go out to dinner to celebrate the anniversary.  It was lovely and the kids LOVED having my sister watch them, so it is nice to know that it is possible to go out and enjoy it, and not worry about arriving to a crazed sitter (or sister). DH also bought me some of those bright daisy flowers I am so amused by.  I know they are dyed, but still, how can you not love them….. makes me want to dump dye in my flower beds.

And to top off the strange weekend I drove to work this morning under this:

The sky was absolutely exploding with color, I wish I had a shot of how the side road I was taking was empty, and the highway was a parking lot, because all together it seems like such a good omen.


Well, Well, Well…. September 12, 2007

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So tomorrow morning I will have been married ten years.  I am actually really happy about that, not that it has been hard, when I picked for keeps, I picked well.  In order to be able to spend an appropriate amount of time with the dear fellow, I am going to let this go till the weekend, as sometimes you just have to let something go.  I hope you all have a terrific rest of the week!!

Burrnneedddddd Oouuuutttttt……. September 11, 2007

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Yeah, there was hope for weekend update, but hope was trampled upon.  You know how work gets when it is not just busy, but beyond busy, when most of your waking hours are working hours, and there is just too damn much stuff to do.  It has been this way practically all year.  The year started strong and has not slowed down, which is something to be grateful for in the job security sense, but is troubling in the life/happiness aspect.  Busy is good.  Overwhelmed….well that is another thing entirely. 

I do have new yarn, yummy new Knit picks yarn.  I have even had the pleasure of doing some surfing for appropriate patterns, and I had hoped to post the yarn and my ideas and ask my readership if I was off my cracker or what…. Anyhoo, have patience y’all, cause as soon as I can breathe, I will be posting an update.  Really.  I hope, maybe….oh hell, just make it slow down before Christmas…..Please?????


Work… September 6, 2007

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Is all I get to do lately.  One more evening on Twinkle Toes would wrap them up, but I think it will be this weekend before I get my evening.   I have so many things I want to get kicked out right now, and zilch time to kick them out in.  Thankfully DH put on a roast yesterday, so no cooking then or today as leftovers are plentiful and good. 

Anyhoo, as the deadline looms ahead of me, the post must end, sooner rather than later, I hope for a good catch up this weekend (with new yarn p$rn 🙂