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The great food demon September 30, 2005

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Hell hath no fury like my stomach.  Constantly half starved wandering through my days, wondering what the hell else can I eat??????
Ok, so maybe I bring much of this on myself.  First of all….I am highly aware that Red Robin 5 alarm burgers with bottomless fry baskets are NOT diet food, nor should one eat them every day.  Yet I have done so anyway, and now I have 40 pounds of extra weight to show for it. 
I weighed in at 186.6 on Wednesday.  I will weigh in again next week, and find that I am thankful their scales go in .2 of a pound.  I am sure I can at least weigh in at 186.4 even if I have to kick off my shoes to do it.
I guess my biggest problem is I really need to go shopping for healthy food, and not try to diet on things like olive loaf and cheetos.  Still……I am quite sure that this will work again. 
The other thing is that I need an exercise routine…..I am too stubborn to be flexible with one….so I need something built in… like my very own treadmill (working on this, hubby will never believe we have room for one though)
BUT I have the perfect spot picked out.
Good day at work… only mild headache (YAY) plus fun experiment.
I work as an Executive assistant for a Forensic Engineering firm…..  we have been looking at a fire that was most likely caused by someone tossing a lit cigarette.  So we spent some time arranging tarps in a variety of configurations from flat to crumpled to ovar a box, and threw lit cigarettes on them.  Anyway, to make a long story short, lit cigarettes are FAR more scary than I ever thought.  If you thought they would just burn out at the filter, I can tell you that is true only part of the time, those puppies can burn……. I guess the lesson is the world is not your ashtray….the case we are on killed a mother and her new baby…..sad eh?

Um yeah, headaches… September 29, 2005

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Alrighty then. I lied.  Headache is back, with a vengeance.  All I can think of is that I ate lunch…..A healthy lunch even.  Turkey sandwich with sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, and only mustard as condiment.  On wheat bread even. 
I have however continued to add to my food hoarde.  Yes, I am a hoarder.  I hide food, stash food, keep food, and find two year old chocoalate bars everytime I clean my kitchen.
My cache at work consists of multiple bags of a variety of chips from misc. box lunches all from boring meetings, a box of microwave popcorn, several mini packets of misc. condiments form every fast food restaurant in the area, some sample size items from a health store that are so inexplicable in their use that I have yet to consume them, a can of green beans, half a loaf of bread, peanut butter – crunchy & creamy and a bottle of honey.  I also have instant Iced tea and a few boxes of add it to your water bottle diet drink mixes. 
In the fridge I have v8 and Olive loaf.  Even the most determined lunch filcher leaves olive loaf.  Three year old frozen meals disappear from the freezer, and my olive loaf remains. 
Where I used to work there was this guy who would eat ANYTHING……so instead of throwing questionable stuff away from the fridge, you just wrote his name on it.  He worked the night shift, and would just hunt through the fridge for anything with his name on it.  I always wondered that he was not sick all the time.  He was scarily thin though.  Nice thing was he always washed your dish.  Wierd eh??
So anyway, I swear this is a sinus headache, but how long can one of those REALLY last, seriously?? Every time I look down I think my eyes are going to pop from my head, and part of me hopes they do, just to relieve the pressure.  So far they haven’t though.  I still think it would be nice to see the look on my co workers faces as they encounter me head down on my keyboard with snot running all over. 
Allrighty then….off to the company aspirin cabinet.

No headaches…

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Or at least much milder……
Yesterday was bad though……
anyway, perhaps sleep related, apparantly I don’t sleep well.  Chose this morning to sleep in and go to work on-time instead of early…
Perhaps a good idea more often.
Joined weight watchers again yesterday, dismayed to find myself very close to where I started three years ago.  Have decided oh well, best to get it under control and do it fast.  If I stick to it as before I should be back at goal in 6  months…so by march, I should look retty good for a spring shopping spree, plus there might be tax return enogh to do it.

Headaches September 27, 2005

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Not sure what is going on, have decided to keep log of headaches here. 
Having horrible sinus headache today. 
Saturday the 24th awful as well.
No major work stresses, both days weather strange- rainy or changing rapidly.
Headache compounded by movement. Looking down or even squatting/standing causes major bursts of pain.
Ok that is all the whining I am going to do today.