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Actual knitting…. April 9, 2008

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I have actual knitting ūüôā

First of all, there is a little more of the knitter’s crack known as the ball band dishcloth.


These two were birthday¬†gifts with french lavender soap¬†for my MIL and SIL.¬† Addictive as usual, took all my power not to cast on¬†a bazillion more…

DH finally asked for something knitted, I know he doesn’t wear sweaters, so I had no fear of that, but imagine my relief when all he wanted was this:

 ipod sock

Yup. An ipod sock.¬† This was knit with some lovely wool I gpt at Stitch n’ Pitch this year, knitted up I LOVE it and wish I had more than a single skein, but in the skein? It be some UGLY stuff.¬† Half the skein in each color, and you just have no idea how it will knit up.¬† It has taught me a lesson though about judging yarns by their hanks……

Also for those keeping tabs, another burner cover met its demise the other day.¬† Bless its heart, it was less than 2 days old when it found out I have issues……I am thinking of getting four teapots instead of burner covers, and keeping a little water in each, that way if I turn on the wrong one, it will whistle at me before I start a fire¬†AND I get a nice cup of tea.

burner cover...burnt…that or investing in solid burner covers and matching spray paint.


In which the witch finds she is NOT dead….. April 8, 2008

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Oh no, in fact, I am quite alive.¬† I assume once you are dead breathing problems are just not so much problems.¬† In fact you may have much more interesting things to think about than breathing.¬† That being said, I must clearly and emphatically state that I am not dead.¬† This is my way of making my issues with my lungs into positive ones.¬† The fact that I am concerned about NOT breathing in fact is good….(*^&*^%^&^%%^0)

That being said, the posting has been minimal.¬† You know how things at work are all normal one day and everything is hunky dory, and then you go on vacation and half the company decides that while you are on vacation they should go their merry way?¬† No??? Then thank your lucky stars.¬† I really like the company I work for, they truly take care of us, but the business we are in is ego driven, and big egos have big clashes.¬† That said the last two weeks of work for me have been just this side of frantic.¬† Times like these call for me to be far harsher than I normally am, and¬†perhaps a little witchy if I do say so myself, but I haven’t a choice.¬†¬†

I do have some knitting, not as much as I should since clearly I need some stress relief, but some.  Just not for today.  Today is no more than a whining why me post. 

I¬†shall be back tomorrow, perhaps even chipper tomorrow and have some knitting pictures ūüôā ¬†